“Parallelogram Bus” by my 7 year-old daughter

Ther wus a parallelogram bus that one day came to life! I don’t know haw it came to life. I only know it did. It cared pople hie and loe. It eavin cared me!

It wus a very nise bus uvcors. But one day sumtheing hapint to the bus. I don’t know wut hapind to the bus. But I do cianduve know what hapind to the bus.

It ol stardid win it wus night. Sum kid’s had a bucit of water. And they wre up to mistgif. Naw the only way I know it hapind is becus sumone told me. The kid’s saw the bus sleeping. And they pord the bucit of water on the bus. I don’t know wut hapind to the bus. The kid’s dinint  mean to hurt the bus. They just got kared uway.

The only thing that bothered me was the apostrophes in “kids”.  Don’t worry, she’s grounded.

I should also add that she sure seems to know a lot about what happened to the bus, despite thrice affirming she did not.